La Representation Del Cuerpo Femenino / The Representation Of The Female Body


Resumen del Libro

Rock art within open caves and rock shelters of the Levantine region of Spain contain many representations of the female figure both in seemingly non-narrative compositions and within scenes carrying out domestic and perhaps more ceremonial activities. This study of female images in the art is not merely descriptive, but looks in detail at the spatial and ideological relationships between women, between women and men, and at the activities they are shown undertaking, for example harvesting, sowing, herding, giving birth and caring for children. Escoriza explores how such portrayals of women relate to domestic life in general, raising questions as to the possible restrictions placed on female activities, the possible division of labour according to gender or ideology and the non-participation of women in certain politico-ideological activities, whether voluntary or imposed. Spanish text, English summary.

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