Grafología Pedagógica. Aplicada A La Orientación Vocacional


Resumen del Libro

This book reveals that through the handwriting of each person and with the knowledge and appropriate procedures with the help of Graphology, one can recognise an entire very complex but also very precise group of features, of graphs that confer its author a tonality, a specific character, a recognizable professional vocation. The book, with its unquestionable analytical work and synthesis, contributes an authentic instrument, completely upgraded, for Vocational Orientation. It contributes to value grapho-psychology in its pedagogical-social and educational interdisciplinary aspects. Thanks to it, educators and professors will have a rigorous and specially useful instrument in orientative practice. It offers technical and practical tools, extremely useful, not only in the psycho-pedagogical and vocational orientation areas, but also in that of the firm, for the formation, design of work teams and selection of personnel.

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