Tras Los Murmullos


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Text in Spanish. Pedro Páramo, the only novel published by the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, is a masterpiece. Tras los murmullos offers six different readings and analyses of the novel by Mexican and Scandinavian scholars. Contrary to what might be expected, the Scandinavian reader is able to identify with the solitude of the characters in the novel, the language of few words of the peasants and the careful linguistic awareness of Rulfo. This may not be surprising since Rulfo was, as discussed in one of the chapters, inspired by Scandinavian literature, which he admired. Also discussed here is Rulfos process of re-writings of his manuscript, the difficulties in translating Rulfos universe to Danish, and the religious and indigenous aspects inherent in Rulfos text. Together the contributions of this book offer new insight into the world behind the murmurs, new knowledge about the creative and surprising text of Juan Rulfo.

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