The Urban Space In The Narrative Of Two Generations From Mexico And Colombia: Generation Of The Fifties, The Group Mito (1955 1965) And Generation Of The Nineties (1996 2006).


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This study analyzes the narratives of two generations and the role of the modern cities as imagined by these Latin American writers. Present in this discussion are the conflicts observed during critical periods of its modernization and globalization. This problematic is encountered in the physical-spatial characteristics that define an urban landscape: streets, avenues, buildings, habitat, and relations between users of the space. The former are rendered as dysfunctional products of an endemic governmental and sociopolitical structure. I analyze these tensions in novelists such as Carlos Fuentes, Mario Mendoza, David Toscana, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Hector Abad Faciolince, and Luis Humberto Crosthwaite. The writers of these generations, I contend, inscribed the urban landscape in their narrative discourses and present the city in multitudinous ways, from a chaotic space in ruins, to zones of force and conflict.

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