The Black Heralds


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Before writing his breakthrough poem sequence Trilce, Cesar Vallejo published The Black Heralds, his first book of poems, in 1919. The Black Heralds includes many of Vallejos best known poems, and its deceptive straightforwardness has garnered a lasting appeal among poetry readers. This bilingual edition presents a new translation of The Black Heralds, and is based upon the latest textual discoveries, such as variants in some copies of the first edition. Aside from his first book, an appendix gathers all of Vallejos early uncollected poems, as well as those which only survive fragmentarily. Together with the Shearsman editions of Trilce and The Complete Later Poems 1923-1938, this volume makes available, for the first time in English, all of Cesar Vallejos poetry. translator, Michael Smith, and the Peruvian scholar Valentino Gianuzzi.

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