Victor Barba Libros

Quiero Tocar El Saxofon

Quiero Tocar El Saxofón by Victor M. Barba is a great book for learning how to play the sax. If you want to play in school bands, jazz bands, or just for yourself, you need this book, because is simple and easy to understand, starting with just one note, all the way to playing nice

Quiero Tocar La Bateria

Quiero Tocar La Bateria by Victor M. Barba is a fantastic book for the drums. from a simple hi-hat to a full rock beat, this book explains how to play the drums in a very simple and easy to understand way. the rhythms, beats and patterns comes with nice drum graphics, showing where to play,

Quiero Tocar El Violin

(I want to play the violin) by Victor M. Barba is among the best books for violin. Finally there is an Easy to understand book to learn how to play the basics on the violin. the only book that includes music notes and music notes name, graphics and fingering, plus a CD, all in one

Quiero Tocar La Trumpeta

(I want to play the trumpet) If you ever want to play the trumpet, and you think its hard or difficult to learn, and youre looking for an easy book, look no more, the Victor M. Barbas book Quiero Tocar La Trompeta is here. Finally there is an Easy to understand book to learn how

Quiero Tocar El Piano

Quiero Tocar El Piano, by Victor M. Barba is a wonderful book for piano. with basic music theory such as the staff and the treble clef, and more advanced piano studies, this book is excellent for anybody who wishes to learn how to play the piano or keyboard. the only book that has the music

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