Richard Bach Libros

El Puente Hacia El Infinito

Richard Bach explores the meaning of fate and soulmates in this modern-day fairy tale based on his real-life relationship with actor Leslie Parrish. This unconventional novel is about a riveting love affair between two fully human people who are willing to explore time travel and other dimensions together even as they grapple with the earthly


Under the spell of quantum physics, Bach and his wife Leslie are catapulted into an alternate world, one in which they exist simultaneously in many different incarnations. First they encounter themselves as they were 16 years ago on the day they first met. In this version of their lives, they do not marry, and never

Juan Salvador Gaviota

Flight is the metaphor that brings meaning to this allegory about a unique bird named Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Ultimately the fable emphasizes the importance of seeking a higher purpose in life, even if ones flock, tribe, or neighborhood finds such ambition threatening. By not compromising his higher vision, Jonathan earns the ultimate reward of transcendence.

Juan Salvador Gaviota

Hay quien obedece sus propias reglas porque se sabe en lo cierto, quien expresa un especial placer en hacer algo bien, quien adivina algo más que lo que sus ojos ven, quien prefiere volar a comprar y comer. Todos ellos harán amistad duradera con Juan Salvador Gaviota. Habrá también quienes volarán con Juan Gaviota por

Nada Es Azar

En este libro, otro de los clásicos del autor, Richard Bach relata un verano excepcional que pasó con dos amigos en los años sesenta. Con dos pequeños aeroplanos y un paracaídas, ofrecían viajes por el interior de Estados Unidos a cambio del dinero para el combustible y la comida. Dormían bajo las alas de sus