Museo Nacional De Arte Mexico Libros

Guía Del Museo Nacional De Arte

The National Museum of Art contains a panorama of Mexican art from the 16th to the 20th centuries. 225 selected pieces from the collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, documents, and popular art are contained in the practical guidewith information on the artists, themes, stylistic movements and critical thoughts over the 5 centuries that

Joaquín Clausell Y Los Ecos Del Impresionismo En México

Publication related to exhibition of the same name presented at the Museo Nacional de Arte (Mexico, July-Oct. 1995), with texts by curator Jorge Alberto Manrique (Impresionismo y Modernidad en México) and others. Essays contextualize Clausells work within Mexican art scene using as reference, among other components, the work of his contemporaries including Diego Rivera. Well

De Artesanos Y Arlequines

Catalog of an exhibition of 66 art pieces created in México between 1886 and 1957 (years of birth and death of Diego Rivera) and analysed for a better understanding of Post-Revolutionary Mexican art following 4 main themes: Rediscovering popular art, Reinventing the nation, Return to classicism and Rescuing the being. Exhibition curated by James Oles