Sembrando Las Semillas, A Harvest Of Memories


Resumen del Libro

Sowing the Seeds is not only the name of this anthology, but it is also the name of a group of women writers in Tucson, Arizona. They are mostly Mexican American women who came together with an intense desire to write. This collection of stories, poems, and artwork is the result of two years of sharing their stories, the stories that until they met had been only in their hearts and minds. The works are a combination of fiction and nonfiction based on truth, the truth the women know about themselves, their lives and their culture. In keeping with the theme of Sowing the Seeds, the book is divided into four sections, each named for a season of the year. The section entitled Spring begins the collection with stories and essays about the writers mothers. It is followed by Summer which contains stories about their family and friends, real and imagined. Autumn stories and poems are written for children and young adults. In the Winter section, the women explore other forms of creativity besides poetry.

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