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Michaela, is a young and brilliant writer, which is facing a difficult time in her life: just lose her only family, her husband. After overcoming this trance, begins to pay attention to many dreams, which decides to compile to write a new novel. She doesnt know, that those dreams, will cause a dramatic change in her life. Shell be guided by them, to discover that the reason for her sorrows until today, are part of the plan that the destiny has prepared, to recover her life. All of these events lead her to discover the death of a young woman called Rowena, find true love, peace and harmony so desired, and the home she always wanted. Shell begin a personal journey of self-discovery and a new beginning, with the help of the Universe The author offered an entertaining story, full of edges, which aims to make us reflect on the impermanence of our lives, and move us with everyday and mundane things. It is an invitation to appreciate what we have and makes us happy, and appreciate even more, every single day. (Spanish Edition)

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