Quince (15) Consejos Para Ganar Casos De Inmigracion


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America is a nation of immigrants, yet one of the most highly debated public policy issues discussed today is the so-called immigration problem. According to the Center for Immigration studies in a November 2007 report, more than 10.3 million immigrants have arrived in the United States since the year 2000. This 2000 to 2007 period represents the highest seven-year timeline of immigration in American history. Further, the Center states that more than half (or about 5.6 million) of these foreign-born new arrivees are estimated to be undocumented./p? pAs a former United States Immigration Judge, I have always been amazed by the lack of knowledge shown by our elected officials particularly, and the American public generally, over the issue of immigration. As a result, I believe, views on immigration tend to gravitate towards the extremes.

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