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PolitIca / sexualidad shows that during the 1980s a traceable phenomenon in Latin American womens writing is the creation of a knot in which sexuality becomes entangled with politics. Womens writing struggles to create a political reading of the discourse of sexuality and likewise show how political space forces the private sphere to impose itself upon the sexuality of women. At one level of representation, a womans body is the space where discourse merges the joyful experience of pleasure with the pain of repression. This book is a contribution to the construction of a Latin American feminist literary criticism. The sophisticated intersection of the political with the sexual is offered in this book as the most powerful feature of contemporary Latin American womens literature. This book offers close readings of authors such as Luisa Valenzuela, Pia Barros, Angeles Mastretta, Rosario Ferre and Cristina Peri Rossi.

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