Peru, The New Poetry


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An anthology of 15 contemporary Peruvian poets, the oldest born in 1922, the youngest in 1947. The poems themselves were written between 1959 and 1971. This anthology is a valuable collection of the new Peruvian poets belonging to the generation after Vallejo and Eguren… the translations are the work of an expert and a poet -ChoiceA Guerrillas Word (Javier Heraud)Because my country is beautifullike a sword in the airand bigger now and evenstill more beautiful,I speak out and defend itwith my life.I dont care what traitorssayweve blocked the waywith thick tearsof steel.The sky is ours.Ours our daily bread.Weve sown and harvestedthe wheat and the land,ours tooand always oursthe sea,the junglesand the birds.

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