Pepita Jiménez


Resumen del Libro

Luis de Vargas is a student preparing to be a priest. He returns at home during vacation to visit his father, Don Pedro de Vargas, the reverend vicar of their community. During his stay at home, he continually sends letters to his uncle who is the dean of the seminary where Luis studies. Luis sent his first letter to his uncle four days after his returning at home. In this letter he tells his uncle about Pepita and that he doesn’t like that. Pepita Jiménez is the future bride of his father. She is twenty years old widow. Previously, she had been married to an eighty-year-old moneylender for a short period of time. As Luis describes her in one of his letters, Pepita has a strange, diabolical power to seduce men. And although at first he doesn’t even want to meet Pepita and doesn’t have good opinion about her, things will start changing as time passes by. Will this young man be able to resist to the charm and seductiveness of Pepita, or will fall under her spell? Will Pepita get married to Don Pedro? Find out the answer of these questions in this book. Follow the relation between Pepita and Luis and the feelings Luis has toward her.

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