Paisajes Imaginarios, Conciertos & Musicircus


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Exhibition catalogue from the concerts and discussions on Cage that took place in the EAC of Castell, Spain. John Cage: Imaginary Landscapes, Concerts and Musicircus, are the contents of the catalogue that documents the exhibition, of the same title, realized in the Espai dArt Contemporani de Castello. Apart from having a section of theoretical texts developed by Joan Cerver, Francisco Ramos, Carmen Pardo, Vicente Carretn Cano and Richard Kostelanetz, the catalogue also reflects on each of the activities that were realized during the exhibition, (concerts, operas, dance, auditions and pedagogic concerts, workshops, lectures, conferences, meetings and round table discussions). Lastly, the publication contains a biography on Cage, a chronology, including a chronologic list of his work, discography, bibliography and filmography about the composer.

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