Matilde Huici Navaz


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MATILDE HUICI NAVAZ. The third woman – An interesting story of the life and work of a Spanish woman who ended her days exiled in Chile, because of her participation in the II Spanish Republic government. Educated in the Institution of Free Teaching, Matilde Huici participated actively in the feminist movements of her time and, as psycho pedagogue and lawyer, she played an extraordinary role in the Tribunal of Minors, created in Madrid for the defense and education of minors in marginalized situations due to incapacity or delinquency. Affiliated to the Socialist Party, it was not, however, her political militancy which made her pass into the history of women, but her position as researcher and expert in Psycho Pedagogy, her educational contributions and, during her exile in Chile, the creation of the school of educators of kindergartens. Matilde Huici, la third woman, with Clara Campoamor and Victoria Kent, was one of the most noted lawyers in her time. The book is specially directed to those who want to know the History of Women in the XX century. The trajectory of Huici opens fields for research on other topics, therefore this book will also be of interest in University Departments of Education and of Gender Studies.

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