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This latest addition to teNeues series of luxury hotels around the world takes the reader throughout the Americas, from Vancouver to Rio de Janeiro, from San Francisco to Anguilla. Here you can marvel at sumptuous interiors from the top hotels. From the guest rooms to the lobbies, dining rooms and lavish exteriors and grounds, its all chronicled in this lushly photographed volume. Whether in the most select city neighborhoods, beachside, or in remote pastoral splendor, these really are the Americas most luxurious accommodations. Martin N. Kunz has edited several titles in teNeues best-selling Luxury Books, Designpockets, Cool Restaurants, and architecture & design series. Patricia Mass???? is a PR and Marketing consultant specializing in hotels and tourism. In recent years, she has collaborated on various hotel-themed titles, and was co-editor of teNeues Luxury Hotels Golf Resorts.

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