Libro Bezerro Del Santo Officio De La Inqq[uisici]́on De Mallorca


Resumen del Libro

Register of the property holdings and revenues of the Inquisition of Mallorca, created by order of Juan Tomás de Rocaberti, archbishop of Valencia, and inquisitor-general of Spain, and carried out by Pedro Juan Baquer, accountant for the Mallorca Inquisition, between 1698 and 1700. The register lists the properties owned by the Mallorca Inquisition, used as residences for Inquisition officials and jailkeepers, and as prisons for the accused and condemned. It also documents the 900 silver ducats the Inquisition receives annually from the episcopal fund, and taxes paid by the university, the towns and guilds, and numerous individuals on properties confiscated from Jews and other heretics, in fulfillment of a judgment of 1678 (revised in 1688). It was ordered that the rents from these confiscated properties be applied to the endowment of the Inquisition. The register includes a transcription of the General Inquisition official commission, dated Aug. 9, 1698 in Madrid, to Baquer for preparation of the inventory, and the official decree accepting the commission, dated Sept. 28, 1698 in Mallorca, signed by Manuel Ximenez de Sotomayor. Additional entries and changes in tax status have been added to the main text, with dates ranging from 1702 and 1703, to 1821 and 1823.

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