Law, Justice And The State: The Nation, The State And Democracy


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Aus dem Inhalt: Nature and Typology of the State: R. A. Akanmidu: The State as a Moral Institution u P. Lewisch: Toward a Contractarian Reconstruction of the State u A. Lopatka: The Criteria of the Evaluation of the States u D. v. d. Pfordten: Individuen, Assoziationen, Staatsorganisation u Democracy: R. Cohen-Almagor: Disqualification of Lists in 1988 and 1992 u S. S. Kleinberg: Democracy and Freedom of Speech u A. Peczenik: A Conception of Democracy u J. R. Carracedo: From Democracy to Corporatism u M. A. Simon: Law, Democracy and Majority Rule u D. F. Tucker: Tribe and Dorf vs. Scalia u Nationality and Citizenship: B. P. Dauenhauer: Norms for Naturalizing Citizens u P. Gerard: Communaute Nationale et Democratie u S. C. Hicks: Citizenship and the Modern Legal Theory of the State u D. Leydet: Recognition and Pluralism u P. Loptson: Hobbsbawm, Nationalism and the End of History u M. Prokopijevic: Secession: What Matters? u Sovereignty: J. M. Cooper: The Challenge to the State in International Law u F. J. E. Ganuzas: Los conceptos de soberania y autodeterminacion a la luz del derecho al desarollo u M. et R. Weyl: Nation, Nationalite, Etat et Droit des peuples a disposer deux-memes u Europe: B. de Smith: The United Kingdom – the Constitution and the Challenge of Europe u W. J. Norman: The Morality of Federalism and the European Comunity u M. R.z Molinero: The Principles of Subsidiarity u I. Ward: Kant and the Transnational Order .

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