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This collection of essays, curriculum units, and study guides on Latin American art and musical traditions is designed to help interested teachers take a comprehensive approach to teaching these subjects. The introduction features the essay, Media Resources Available on Latin American Culture: A Survey of Art, Architecture, and Music Articles Appearing in Americas (K. Murray). Section 1, The Visual Arts of Latin America, has the following articles: The Latin American Box: Environmental Aesthetics in the Classroom (R. Robkin), Mascaras y Danzas de Mexico y Guatemala (J. Winzinger), The Five Creations and Four Destructions of the Aztec World (C. Simmons, R. Gaytan), Art Forms of Quetzalcoatl: A Teaching Guide for Spanish, History, and Art Classes (A. P. Crick), The Art and Architecture of Mesoamerica: An Overview (J. Quirarte), Interpreting the Aztec Calendar (L. Hall), Mexican Muralism: Its Social-Educative Roles in Latin America and the United States (S. Goldman), Mexico: An Artists History (K. Jones), A Historical Survey of Chicano Murals in the Southwest (A. Rodriguez), and El Dia de los Muertos (C. Hickman). Section 2, The Musical Heritage of Latin America, has an introduction: The Study of Latin American Folk Music and the Classroom (G. Behague) and the following articles: Value Clarification of the Chicano Culture through Music and Dance (R. R. de Guerrero), La Bamba: Reflections of Many People (J. Taylor), The Latin American Art Music Tradition: Some Criteria for Selection of Teaching Materials (M. Kuss), Mariachi Guide (B. San Miguel), El Tamborito: The Panamanian Musical Heritage (N. Samuda), A Journey through the History of Music in Latin America (J. Orrego-Salas), A Multicultural Tapestry for Young People (V. Gachen), and A Survey of Mexican Popular Music (A. Krohn). A list of Education Service Centers in Texas is in the appendix. (DB)

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