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Many women, whether theyve managed million-dollar budgets at work or managed kids, bills, and car payments at home, feel at a loss when it comes to figuring out their financial futures. Often, they leave the big money matters to the men in their lives, or they put off making important financial decisions that could affect their lifestyles down the road. Now David Bach finally gives women the tools and the program they need to create rich futures. A renowned financial advisor who has coached thousands of people looking for financial security, Bach has developed a proven system for women that can make them better financial planners than men. Bach has found that women tend to be naturally great investors when they learn to tap into their values. He has discovered that while men tend to focus on earning money for things –Cars, boats, golf gear, etc.–and frequently switch stocks in their portfolios, women who prioritize their values –security, freedom, and education–are able to commit easily to a long-term savings and investment plan to build futures they really want. Whether youre working with a few dollars a week, a significant inheritance, or a savings account thats been earning just 3 percent, the Smart Women Finish Rich approach toward saving and investing can provide a huge payoff. These seven easy steps will transform your relationship with money, and Smart Women Finish Rich will put you in control of your finances and your future. Secure your financial future and achieve your dreams by following these seven steps: 1. Learn the facts and myths about your money. 2. Put your money where your values are. 3. Figure out where you stand financially … and where you want to go. 4. Use the power of the latt ̌factor to create massive wealth on just a few dollars a week. 5. Practice Grandmas three-basket approach to financial security. 6. Learn the nine biggest mistakes investors make and how to avoid them. 7. Follow the twelve commandments of attracting…

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