La Señorita Hargreaves


Resumen del Libro

When Norman Huntley and his friend Henry invent, on the spur of the moment, an 83-year-old woman called Miss Hargreaves, they are inspired to post a letter to their new fictional friend. It is only meant to be a silly, harmless game – until Miss Hargreaves arrives on their doorstep, complete with her cockatoo, her harp and – last but not least – her bath. She is, to Normans utter disbelief, exactly as he had imagined her: eccentric and endlessly astounding. He hadnt imagined, however, how much havoc an imaginary octogenarian could wreak in his sleepy Buckinghamshire home town, Cornford. Will his once-ordinary, once-peaceful life ever be the same again? And, whats more, does he want it to be?

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