Descargar Libro: Ivan Navarro. The Threshold. Catalogo Della Mostra (venezia, 7 Giugno 22 Novembre 2009). Ediz. Multilingue


Resumen del Libro

Ivan Navarro (Santiago, Chile, 1972) belongs to a generation of artists raised under the Pinochet dictatorship, an experience that shaped their artistic vision and gave rise to a new cultural expression. His work springs from a singular investigation of the potentials of energy: by elaborating luminous constructions, and employing the principles of energy conversion, Navarro creates functional sculptures and objects of great visual impact and structural complexity. Among his best known works are the Electric Chairs made of fluorescent tubes, generating objects of impressive design whose fragility and high voltage undermine the seductive qualities of ergonomic perfection. Navarros art reflects on Minimalism and transcends its pure formalism by addressing social and political issues, with an underlying critique of power and authority. –Book Jacket.

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