Hybridity In Spanish Culture


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Hybridity in Spanish Culture is an anthology that explores hybridity in select works from the dawn of Imperial Spain to the twenty-first century. The phenomenon of hybridity has been pervasive throughout Spanish history. The hybrid literary and visual texts studied in this volume—ranging from aljamiado writings and the legacy from the convivencia to contemporary immigration narratives—blur or erase purportedly fixed boundaries: between history and fiction, story and History, nationality and transnationalism, subjectivity and objectivity, as well as between genres, cultures, languages and eras. Hybridity constitutes the state of simultaneously belonging to categories that had previously been considered exclusive. It renders the concept of pure as a construct, a chosen perception, a psychic imposition on experience. Implicit within hybridity is a fusion of two or more separate factors, entities or concepts, but the essential aspect of this fusion is that the hybrid text becomes an original. Hence, hybridity nods to the past, but points to the future. Hybridity in Spanish Culture, written both in Spanish and English, as a metahybrid, is a collection about hybridity that is a hybrid itself. In hopes of blurring borders, dissipating taxonomies, and dehierarchizing binary oppositions, the European and US authors and editors contribute to cultural studies scholarship and underscore the omnipresence and ubiquity of interstitial conditions as they relate to national or cultural identity, linguistic crossings, inter-genre blendings and the conception of home and belonging.

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