Heretical Creativity: Ethical, Political And Aesthetical Proposals In Pier Paolo Pasolini S Theorem And The Pigsty .


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This project explores the ethical, political and aesthetical questions, which the Italian writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini posed during the late sixties, through the study of the novel and film Theorem and the theater play and film The Pigsty. It investigates how Pasolini detaches himself from the main political and moral trends of the late sixties, by creating political and ethical alternatives within his work. If the relative cultural homogenization, which the Italian miracolo economico implied, shattered the leftist dialectical vision of society, culture and politics, Pasolini, in Theorem and The Pigsty, questions the validity of social identities such as bourgeois and proletarian, and elaborates a new idea of difference and conflict that no longer depends on a dialectical world view. Thus, the novel and film Theorem draw an ethical path to difference, when each of the characters validates a new idea of being as difference and activity, by abjuring the identities, either bourgeois or proletarian, that fixed his or her power of acting to rigid social roles. Similarly, The Pigsty proposes the ambiguity of its characters and dialogues, in the theatrical version, as well as of its montage and its mise-en-scene in the film, as a strategy against the absolute ontological integrity which the dialectical process entails, it reintegrates conflict into a political milieu that seems to have tamed it and reduced it to an empty strife between clear-cut social identities.

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