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Throughout Fabian Marcaccios prolific career, spanning from the beginning of the nineties to the present, his extraordinary work appears as a field of experimentation, research, and analysis on the capability, the will, and the perseverance of the traditional medium that is painting to survive in todays context. By this, we mean the technological innovations of this computing-saturated digital era, all of which have modified deeply our way of perceiving and articulating the world in which we live. Variants attempts to bring us closer to the variants of Marcaccios generative and multifaceted universe, a universe in constant change, which the artist has developed step by step, conceptually, physically, and visually, as a response to pictorial entropy. He has developed a challenging and rigorous practice that ranges from transfer prints and digital and industrial techniques to the pictorial processes involved in spatial representation and their extension into the realms of sculpture and architecture. The result is a painting practice that is in constant expansion: sometimes environmental, sometimes three-dimensional and clearly sculptural, sometimes in the form of animation, and, on many other occasions, as transition and mutation. This is the first comprehensive monographs on the large-scale works and the writings by Fabian Marcaccio.

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