El Poder Del Pensamiento Flexible: De Una Mente Rigida, A Una Mente Libre Y Abierta Al Cambio


Resumen del Libro

A rigid mind is that which grasps the dogmas and irrational beliefs, one that is not willing to change their opinion nor is able to look for distinct solutions to their problems. For Walter Riso, this rigidness not only favors intolerance, prejudice and discrimination, but it also produces twisted psychology in people. On the opposite side of this liquid mind, that accepts everything in a passive manner, your own opinions fall by the wayside and you accommodate any situation, even though it goes against your interests. Facing these two attitudes, the author proposes a third alternative, the flexible mind, for which it allows you live a more creative, healthy and happy life. It is a critical and open reason, that does not conform to just anything, it recognizes change and is capable of adapting without renouncing your nature.

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