El Gaucho Vegetariano And Other Plays For Students Of Spanish


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This revised edition incorporates plays accessible to students at high novice and intermediate levels, while retaining dramas that challenge and heighten the proficiency of the most advanced students. The new plays also extend the emotional range of the volume by providing simple, light comedies that balance the depth and subtlety of the triumphant yet tragic pieces based on the lives and writings of Latin American poets Julia de Burgos and Rosario Castellanos. Studying and performing these plays will not only help students to read, understand, and speak Spanish with greater confidence, but it will also improve their capacity for mutually supportive teamwork and interaction with an audience. The experience reaches beyond language study to include investigation and appreciation of the diverse literatures, cultures, and histories of the Spanish-speaking world. Professional, academic, and community theater groups will find these plays and related theater games instructive and enjoyable.

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