El Espejo De Las Almas Simples


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Marguerite Poretes The Mirror of Simple Souls and the Anonymously Written Sister Catherine (Translation). This book is a study and translation of two medieval texts. The first is The Mirror of Simple Souls , written by a 13th-century French mystic, and the second is Sister Catherine , written in Germany in the 14th century. The editors of this book see both of these texts as offering new and valuable insight into medieval womens writing. Mirror recounts Poretes experience before the Inquisition, which ended in her death. Sister Catherine is an ironic treatise which contains a dialogue between a woman and her father, to whom she confesses her sins. Key terms. Persons: Marguerite Porete–Places: France–Places: Germany–Periods: 13th century–Periods: 14th century–Forms: Religion–Forms: Christianity–Forms: History–Forms: Translations.

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