Dragon Ball Cultura Volumen 1


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See Dragon Ball with new eyes. This book is your cultural tour guide to Dragon Ball, the worlds most recognized anime and manga series. Over 12 years in development, Dragon Ball Culture is a 7 Volume analysis of your favorite series. You will go on an adventure with Son Goku, from Chapter 1 to 194 of the original Dragon Ball, as we explore every page, every panel, and every sentence, to reveal its hidden symbolism and deeper meaning. In Volume 1 you will enter the mind of Akira Toriyama and discover the origin of Dragon Ball. How does Toriyama get his big break and become a manga author? Why does he make Dragon Ball? Where does Dragon Balls culture come from? And why is it so successful? Along the way youll be informed, entertained, and inspired. You will learn more about your favorite series and about yourself. Now step with me through the doorway of Dragon Ball Culture. NOTICE: This ebook contains chapter 1 of Dragon Ball Culture Volume 1. There are 6 chapters in total. Chapter 2 will be released on April 27, chapter 3 on May 25, chapter 4 on June 29, chapter 5 on July 27, and chapter 6 on August 31. Each time a new chapter is released the price will increase by $0.50, up to $2.99. When you buy the ebook now at the introductory price, you will receive all subsequent chapters as FREE updates. So the earlier you buy, the more money you will save. Once the ebook is complete, the paperback and hardback books will be published on September 28 and November 21, respectively. I will use the sales from the ebook to fund the publication of the paperback book. Thank you!

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