Diego Rivera


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The book accompanies a homonymous exhibition commemorating the 50th death anniversary of noted painter and muralist Rivera (b. Mexico 1886-1957) , including a selection of his earliest drawings and paintings, along works by his teachers and peers. The catalog covers his intense formation period, with critic texts that explore Riveras rigorous education in the Art Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City in 1897, under the academic tutelage of figures such as Santiago Rebull, José María Velasco and Felix Parra and his travels to Europe in 1907 to continue his artistic education. The event includes 2 drawing notebooks created by Rivera during in his teenager years, the first a libreta de apuntes , kept by the paternal family of the painter and later handed to his daughter Guadalupe Rivera Marin, containing certain iconographic elements later used by the artist in his murals, like the atom and the universe. A second notebook Libreta de Viajes , from a private collection with sketches and unfinished drawings used later for other works.

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