De Sacerdote A Hombre De Dios


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Dr. Luciano Jaramillo is one of the most important Biblical scholars in the Spanish-speaking world. His multiple contributions in the field of Bible translation have demonstrated him to be one of the most distinguished and relevant erudites of the 21st century. He served as secretary of the translation committee for the NVI (Nueva Version Internacional) translation, the most widely read modern Bible translation in the Spanish language. He is also the author of seven books on Biblical disciplines, theology, and devotional reflection and has served as pastor, professor at various Bible seminaries, and counselor.However, few persons are aware of his incredible life story, how it was that at age twelve his family sent him to a priest of the Catholic Church in Colombia for further education, the circumstances and complications he had to overcome when announcing to that church, after an in-depth study of the Scriptures, his decision to leave the priesthood and renounce holy orders. His story partly reflects the complex relationship that existed at the time between the government and the Catholic church, which led to his unjust imprisonment, but also reflects amazing miracles of renewal, grace and love that a patient and powerful God may work in the life of a person who agreed to surrender all of the advantages attached to his position after studying the Word of God in-depth and experiencing a complete transformation.

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