De Mi Mente


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This book, De Mi Mente (Spanish for from my mind), is a book of over 3,000 lyrics of which approximate 2,100 are written for a man to sing and the latter 900 are written for a woman to sing. All songs are interchangeable. Some of the songs are love songs but the lyrics are not written for political and religious reasons. The reader will have the option to arrange each song according to his or her taste of which each and every song can be arranged in a bolero, ranchera, cumbia, etc. The reader can choose at their choice of which song inspires them and in they are not obligated to make any musical arrangement. This material is a new form of reading material to bring out the talent of musicians, singers and entertainers. This book hopes to reach the Spanish speaking world. I apologize for the grammar errors and thank the public for their cooperation and courtesy. I also encourage mariachi performers to buy the book and add their attention in this matter.

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