Contemporary Musics In Galicia (1975 2000): Cultural Environment And Compositive Strategies


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In this research I demonstrate the thesis I support about contemporary musics in Galicia, in six points: (1) folklorism loses importance, (2) tonality is no more the only possibility for harmony, (3) the contemporary scene consists on the simultaneous use of different techniques, harmonic frames and styles, and a multiplicity of musical genres, (4) it does not exist no Galician Musical School and it seems very debatable to identify groups or generations of composers, (5) there is a participation of typically postmodern features, absolutely modern, as shown through discourses specially complex or simple, revisionism of the past, the use of collage techniques, and eclecticism, and (6) in fact, my main hypothesis: it does exist a poetic normalization of music in relation to the international standards.

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