Borges Freud Lacan: Los Senderos Bifurcados Del Deseo


Resumen del Libro

The post-psychoanalytical approach used in this dissertation not only expands the existing models of reading Borgesian works and fantastic literature in general, but also leads to create new ways to deconstruct reality and find truth in the illusory moments of life, such as dreams, hallucinations, and the chaotic relationships of the subject with herself. My in-depth analysis addresses a series of relevant questions concerning (a) the components of which life, reality, and truth are composed, (b) the significance of time as an instance to reveal the precipitation of truth in subjectivity and cultural representations, and (c) the act of writing as an inherent action in the formation of sexual identity and configuration. Therefore, by challenging the recurrent frameworks which tend to consider Borgess writing as fantastic and metaphysical literature, my dissertation allies itself with innovative modes of exploring the blurred boundaries between the so-called real and the illusory, thus invoking a third space in which reality is not the opposite of the unreal, but its other side.

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