Biologia Y Control Quimico De La Chinche De Ala De Encaje Del Aguacate (pseudacysta Perseae) (hemiptera: Tingidae).


Resumen del Libro

In order to evaluate the behavior and chemical control of the avocado lacewing bug (Pseudacysta perseae), an investigation was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of five insecticides (azadirachtin, imidacloprid, spinosad, pyrethrin + rotenone, and permethrin). Distributional and abundance parameters, such as the preference by leaf size and age, and location of within and among leaves was also determined. The insecticide tests were carried out at the Agricultural Experimental Station of Lajas (18°0200 N and 67°0423 W), and the lacewing distributional studies at the Agricultural Experimental Station of Juana Diaz. Permethrin and imidacloprid were most effective in controlling the pest in field tests as well as in laboratory tests. Other pesticides controlled the avocado lacewing bug acceptably. Results from field tests suggest that females prefer fully developed (55W x 90L mm), new foliage to oviposit, and also do so preferentially on the basal part of leaves. Spatially, most heavily infested branches occur on south and west orientations.

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