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Martin Fierro, the argentine poem, has been subject to numerous ideology biased interpretations. This appropriation, sometimes outrageous, has spurred the discussion whether Martin Fierro or Domingo F. Sarmientos Facundo should be considered in orderto bring the Argentine society into a just, peaceful civil terrain. To read Quiroga Lavies biography of Jose Hernandez means delving into the mind of an earnest, law abiding scholar, that nevertheless falls into the same trap of romanticizing the roguish characteristics with complete disregard of the fact that Martin Fierros advise to his sons, along his eldest son experience in jail, constitute a clear lesson and plead to abide by the law. It is true that Jose Hernandez was a political man, however, and in spite of the authors own experience, Martin Fierro is more the racconto of a mans growth into civilization -including some denunciations of bigotry and abuse of the law- than a clear cut elegy of a noble savage. To read Martin Fierro and Quiroga Lavies work is a good way of understanding the forces that difficult Argentinas possibilities of becoming a reliably predictable society.

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