Descargar Libro: Bibliografía Cronológica De La Lingüística, La Gramática Y La Lexicografía Del Español (bicres Iii)


Resumen del Libro

Since the publication of the still very valuable Biblioteca histórica de la filología by Cipriano Muñoz y Manzano, conde de la Viñaza (Madrid, 1893), our knowledge of the history of the study of the Spanish language has grown considerably. It has been the purpose of BICRES I (from the early beginnings to 1600), published in 1994, to bring together already available bibliographical information with the more recent research findings, scattered in many places, books and articles and published during the past one hundred years. BICRES II (covering the 1601–1700 period) followed in 1999. Now, the third volume, arranged according to the same principles as those guiding the preceding volumes and covering the years from 1701 to 1800, has become available. Years of research in the major libraries of Spain and other European countries have gone into this new bibliography in order to offer, in an as exhaustive as possible fashion, a description of all Spanish grammars and dictionaries, histories of the Spanish language as well studies devoted to particular facets of its evolution during the 18th century. Bibliografía cronológica de la lingüística, la gramática y la lexicografía del español, volume III (BICRES III) brings together in chronological order more than 1,500 titles. Access to the bibliographical information is facilitated by several detailed indexes, such as an author index, a short title index, and a listing of places of production, of printers and publishers, and also an index of the physical location of the books described.

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