Ashes In Love


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Oscar Hahns work has been hailed by Mario Vargas Llosa as magnificient and truly original…the most personal Ive read in the poetry of our language in a long time. And in Ashes in Love, Hahn beautifully affirms his reputation as the premier poet of his generation. In these outstanding poems, Hahn displays an uncompromising intelligence and strength, blending horror and humor with droll inventiveness. A sly craftsman, Hahn has assimilated poetic tradition, but is not a slave to it: he employs a wide range of poetic techniques, opening himself to the possibilities of mystery, song, and story. He has the coolness of wit to make us smile, and his lyrical virtuosity makes plain the universal in this deeply personal work.This bilingual collection brings together Hahns two most recent works, Apariciones profanas (2002, translated here as Profane Apparitions), and En un abrir y cerrar de ojos, the winner of Spains Casa de America Award (2006, translated here as In the Blink of an Eye) in one stunning volume. Ashes in Love gives passionate voice to Hahns originality, playfulness, and mastery of form, and provides an extraordinary showcase for the work of Chiles preeminent contemporary poet.

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