Animación Estimulativa Para Personas Mayores Discapacitadas


Resumen del Libro

Stimulative animation – already introduced in the formation of social educators – is faced with the new expectations which arise due to population’s progressive ageing. For this reason it is of interest to analyse the theoretical bases which permit the elaboration of dynamics for individualized attention (whether in homes or in institutions) based on human dignity and guaranteeing the quality of life. The author has dedicated the first part of the book to this. In the second part the physical, psychical and sensorial disabilities of elderly persons are systematically defined, and the types of language – verbal and analogical – which are used to realize therapeutic operations aimed at widening their level of independence, are analysed. In the third part the practical proposal is developed, offering a selection of resources gleaned from the experiences of diverse centres and a list of activities elaborated and carried out by the same author.

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