Alzare Mis Ojos A Los Montes


Resumen del Libro

We travel through the sea of life, arriving at the island of our destiny. We are trapped in our past, without illusions, without a feeling of purpose to our existence. To many, this is the most common story ever told, yot not many dare to admit it. Their sight is blinded by ]normal]life, numbed by the dogmas that have been forced in our minds since birth. To raise our sight to new opportunities, to elevate our mind, our soul, and determination to fight for our illusions and free from all that holds us, whether it will be family, religion, ideals, and even worse, the memories of the past. Not only is this a memoir of the beautiful landscapes in the Sierra of Chihuahua, but it is the life of many that live, yet never dare to admit and speak up. Even worse, they never decide to raise their eyes to the heavens and begin their flight to greaten themselves and have that determination to LIVE AND NOT ONLY EXIST! Dare to free yourself from the shackles of the past, and set your eyes on high!

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