Across The Line


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Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. The astonishing range of fifty-three poetic voices, traditional native chants and popular corridos which are generously presented in bilingual format is rooted in a time and place that is both timeless and in constant flux. Baja Californians are a population on the move, alive to change, living on the edge, and the poetry in this lovingly-translated anthology conveys the feel of gritty towns and cities, burning deserts, lonely mountains, a huge sky still crowded with stars, the wind blowing in off the Pacific or the Sea of Cortes, the nearness of gray whales and pelicans, the uncertainties of isolation, the jittery rhythms of urban life, the United States forever looming on the other side of the border –Homero Aridjis, noted Mexican poet and president of PEN International. These are the voices lost beneath the headlines of our contentious border. It should be of special interest for residents and students of the entire border, for Californians, for lovers of poetry of all kinds.

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