A Bilingual Introduction To Personal Computers: Hardware


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DEFINITELY, the best way to learn about computers while I practice my foreign language skills. –Marcela Nicol, President of the Gulf Coast LATIN Chamber of Commerce. VERY INTERESTING, I can see a huge need for this book. –Louis H. Sanchez, Director of region VI, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I want to buy a copy of your book because I always wanted to learn computers & Spanish. Two weeks later… I want another copy of your book to give away to a friend of mine. –Wilbur Woodruff, retired teacher. Well German, you have a different concept here, well see what we can do. –Ron Smith, President of BookWorld Services, Inc., my distributor in the US. This book explains & describes all the different electronic components & equipment currently available for personal computers. Concise definitions guide the reader through the vast world of computer peripherals. ALL LEFT PAGES OF THE BOOK ARE IN ENGLISH & A FAITHFUL TRANSLATION TO SPANISH APPEARS ON THE RIGHT PAGES. Designed very carefully so there is no need to use a dictionary. Order from either BilinguaTec, 1410 Commerce Blvd., Suite D, Sarasota, FL 34243, (813) 351-8886 or from BookWorld (800) 444-2524.

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