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f Carmen was sure about something it was that she is not the kind of woman that sits around waiting for a man to call. She’s an entrepreneur, brave and with a lot of character… She is more determined than most humans and knows the opposite sex too well. Youth taught her that men are only after one thing: sex, while poor women cry waiting for the phone to ring. No, she wasn’t one of those anymore. Her woman motto is: live, enjoy, and don’t think of past experiences with the opposite sex Lucas, a member of the SEAL division, has had so many women that he can’t even count them anymore. They are all the same, at first they say they’re liberal, but then they want to tie up you like a dog. He was not going to be tamed, right? Then why is it that since he met her, he’s not capable of thinking about anybody else but her? He wanted to be with her and not let her go. He desires and needs her, but she’s too stubborn and has a really bad temperament, the worst he’s ever seen…plus, she’s more attractive and hot than anybody else. Carmen will seek a new life far from Madrid and will find herself involved in a hotel corruption in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Like a strong woman, she will fight to stop the corruption in the Thompson Hotels, but she’ll need all the help she can get. Lucas and Carmen will fight together and will learn that, as far as love goes, is not always what it seems. A fight of sex, passion, and a lot of action, because he’s not one of those and he isn’t either, or are they? Game of Passions is the fourth book in the Second Chance. Other contemporary romances by Diana Scott Second chance Book 1: Temptations Book 2: Rebirth Book 3: Your Heart’s Bodyguard Book 4: Game of Passions Book 5: Sorry, I love you (June 2017) @silvanafelicity

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Game Of Passions
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